Lunar Celebration in Indonesia

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By : Otjih S

Today, in the several provinces in Indonesia, the society is celebrating lunar or Chinese’s new year. Lunar celebration has been doing joyful and peaceful around Indonesia.

Daeng Manye

Until tonight, we do not receive any information which is disturbing those celebration. However, lunar event has been shown that people’s can manage our diversity through honest, wisdom and amazing way.

Eventhough in Semarang, Central Java, we have heard about simultaneous criminal event such us burning cars and motor bycicle in several regencies which until know the Central Java government has been investigating related to the motives, an intellectual actors and the background of the crimes. Central Java is one of provinces which has diversity among the residents.

During elections year, we have heard and listened from TV and printing or online mass media about several sensitives issues related “Chinese” such as the influx of Chinese’s workers in Indonesia, Chinese’s foreign debt to Indonesia etc eventhough the government has explained or answered those issues, its still coloring political and economic discourse prior to the main event, the presidential elections. Fortunely, those strategic issues does not disrupt lunar celebration this years.

These phenomenon has shown that Indonesia’s people could be learned honestly, it is the progress of political literacy in Indonesia.

Being admit or not, the maturity of thought and habits of Indonesia’s people has more mature than political elite who are competing each others during elections year.

Gong Xi Fa Chai. Xian quaile.

The writer had earned her bachelor degree at Udayana University in Bali.