Free Palestine’s By Albert Jigibalom

Papua-Indonesia. Simultaneously Israel’s attacking in Gaza and other Palestine’s territory before “Pseudo Agreement” had agreed, the ruins of Israel’s attacking have been seeing on Gaza.

More than 160.000 Gaza’s people did not take fresh water service because several fresh water pipes in Gaza had broken as impact of brute force Israel’s coward soldiers.

Besides that, many orphans have been rising in Palestine’s because Israel’s uncontrol attack in Gaza. Hospitals, schools and Al Aqsha mosque and others mosques had seriously destroyed. So several an international pundits have said Israel’s attacking in Palestine basically is genocide intention so Israel has challenged the UN through their human rights violence which they done in Palestine. So, now the UN must put Israel in the list of terrorist country.

In Indonesia, Palestine’s issue has used by several interest group who are in line or agree with caliph ideology and system’ to exploit and to politicized Palestine’s issue to gain their pragmatic and avonturir including naive purpose.

Because of that, the Indonesian people must alert on promoting caliph ideology behind using Palestine’s issue. We agree Israel’s attacking to Palestine must be condemed and resisted because Indonesia’s law does not support agretion and annexation to free and independent country likes Palestine. But, we do not accept if Palestine’s issue has used to replace Pancasila with caliph ideology which has massively spreaded around Indonesia. Is that clear, friends?

The writer is an International observer. Live in Papua, Indonesia.