Quotuoning General Election Law Revision,_|| Several political parties and policians in Indonesia are maneuvering their opposite opinion related to the plan of general election law revision. Those discourse will discuss among them to question about the urgency of those revision. The focus topics on those revision related to electoral threshold, presidential threshold and the schedule of local elections or Pemilukada.

Discussing about electoral threshold, some of political parties such as Indonesia Democratic Party-Struggle (PDIP-P), Gerindra, Golkar, Nasdem, and Nation Awakening Party (PKB) are agreed if the next electoral threshold is 5% until 7%.

Related to presidential threshold, some of parties such as Indonesia Democratic Party-Struggle (PDIP-P), Gerindra, Golkar, and Nasdem are agreed with 20% total votes as precondition for political parties to promote to the next presidential racing.

Discussion about electoral threshold, it is very important for us about we must increase the percentage of electoral threshold just not only on 5% or 7% but reaching approximately until 10%.

We must do it because the conducive political climate, the sustainability of national programme schedule, and the maintaining the quality of our members of parliament are strategic and an essential job which must be done. Conducive political climate are starting from the result of general elections and local elections.

Conducive situation is need for the current government and the next government to overcome several basics and strategic our national hurdles such as the bleeding of current account deficit, uncompetitiveness our business climate, noising unneed of voices which claimed representing public’s interest, the serious gap of unemployment, the serious problems related to foreign debt trap etc.

Through 10% or minimum 7,5% electoral threshold, we can predict just only “real political parties” which are daily political operation, having solid and consolidated grassroots base and they are doing either procedural democracy or substantive democracy which will survive on the next general elections and local elections.

Health and strong political parties are needed to build continuously and seriously competitiveness of political cadre. The state can not give political salary to uncapable politician or “grey zone” political parties. One of factors which can create current accounf deficit is coming from these problems.

Meanwhile, discourse about the next presidential elections are starting from political debate recently related to the percentage of presidential threshold. Be president more importantly than be politician or legislative members, because being President, someone is representating our love country performace.

Because of that, the next president must the best quality of our political figure. The presidential elections must be increased because we don’t want have uncapable the next president.

Imagine, if the percentage of presidential election is low, we have possibility having uncapable or inepht the next president who are maybe not capable and deserve to tackle or to overcome un linear or assimetric the next threats which are coming for non-state actors such as an illegal business person, economic and business proxy war or foreign invanders which are dominating our business, economic and politic climate systems.
Politically and obviously, the political debate related to the general elections law revision are gaining to make the new political landscape for all of political players in Indonesia.

Mass media, social media influencer, political pundits, activist and NGO must be watched its. Hopefully we can have the best the next parliament member and last but not least we can chose a special and professional but nationalistic figure to be our the next president.

The writer is Indonesia’s political climate observer. Living in East Jakarta, Indonesia.

By : Otjih S*)

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