Democratic Chaos in The US : A Seditious Democracy Lesson Learnt?,_|| After the US presidential elected was successed last year, now the US has been facing democratic chaos after Trump did not want to accept the result of presidential elections and Trump had ordered his followers to storming Capitol Hill when Biden’s certify his victory.

Several President and others have criticized the US democratic chaos. One of them, President Iran, Rouhani had mocked the Democracy process in the US.

Several political pundits have analysed that the democratic chaos in the US is a seditious lesson learnt of the Democracy because the US is a pioneer of Democracy and they are always claiming as the guardian of global democracy. Behalf on the democracy name, the US has been giving political, economic and diplomatic sanction to others countries which had judged by the US is deserve to ban or to atttack.

Now, the US must be given clarrification to the global communities about their failure to maintain and to guard the respect value of Democracy after democratic riots and discours in the Capitol Hill yesterday.

The failure of democracy in the US, obviously it has given a new inspiration, new assume and a good sample for the US long-time rivals mainly some of group terror around the world have promoter the failure of the US democracy is a part of sign the ruins of democracy and its the right time to promoting Islamic value and norms it at least will push by the group of terror and those is seriously and strong signals which was born after a seditious democratic brazen process in the US currently. So beware of its.
The writer is democracy observer.

By Andreas Alex Jigibalom


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