Politizing The Job Creation Law : Does It Success? || By : Tommy Chang KautsarJakarta. The Job Creation Law has legalized and its will be implemented soon despite labor strikes and student including unemployee rallies have been occuring in several provinces around Indonesia.

The Job Creation Law is one of law which was created pro and cons during its discussion and debate at the House of Representative. Those law has judged by several interest people’sp and groups such as KSPI, 212 Muslim Brotherhoodp or PA 212, Democrat Political Party, Social Prosperous Political Party, some of academia and campus, NGO, “wrac-havoc politician” etc as the law which can not protect job and creating job vacancies for the youth and next generation in Indonesia.

As the results of their protest, an anarchist mass rallies and Labor strikes have been occuring in several provinces including in Jakarta which were signed by flared up several Trans Jakarta halte and police post which was until know did not know by whom.

Mahfud MD, Politic and Security Coordinator Minister has made statement about the government will do law enforcement to whom who were suspected do an anarchist mass rallies. Meanwhile, the State Intelligence Agency or BIN has announced if they have the list of an intellectual actors who were stood at ‘back stage”. But until today, the public have seen the government’s vow do not implement yet.

Because of that, several interest groups and anti government groups have set several the next mass rallies rejecting the Job Creation Law which is scheduled from October 12th to October 16th 2020.

I think if the central government especially the law enforcement apparatus communities have inepht or uncapable to implement strictly law enforcement to an anarchiest mass rallies perpretators who were caught during the moment, its could make politicing against those law will success.

The writer is politic and Security observer. Lives in Cilangkap, East Jakarta.

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