The 2020 Local Election Amids Covid-19 Threat By : Bayu Wauran and Wijaya

Jakarta. Even though Covid-19 threat has been broading, the steps to prepare the 2020 local elections in 270 region has been doing by the General Election Commission (KPU) and the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu). KPU has started re-scheduled local election steps since June 15, 2020. Meanwhile, KPU regions dan cities has voter data collecting and stipulation of valid voter data until December 6th, 2020.
On September 4-6, 2020, KPU will be officially opened the candidates regional head Then, the electoral commission will verify the data registered candidates. The electoral commission will specify candidate couple regional head for September 23. 2020. Campaign phase starts on September to December 5, 2020. Voting and counting votes at polling places held on December 9th, 2020. Based on KPU’s data, from 687 candidates, at least 37 candidates in 21 provinces had positively confirmed Covid-19 regarding from their swab test results. At least 141 local head candidates allegedly violated Covid-19 protocol.
The Home Ministry has demanded to KPU and Bawaslu regions to strightly punish to local head candidates who are’nt obey Covid-19 protocol at the 2020 local eletion. General Government and Political General Director at the Home Ministry, Bahtiar has said both KPU and Bawaslu in provinces/regions/cities can disqualified them regarding to article 50 point 3 at tke KPU’s regulation number 6/2020. Previously, the Home Minister Tito Karnavian has reprimanded 51 the local head candidates who were violated Covid-19 protocol such as Muna Barat Regent, Muna Regent, Wakatobi Regent, North Luwu Vice Regent, South Konawe Regent, Karawang Regent, North Halmahera Regent, North Halmahera Vice Regent and West Halmahera Regent.

Antuasially Become Local Head

KPU has noted on September 6th, 2020 at least 687 local head candidates had enroled as follow 22 governor and vice governor head candidates, 570 Regent and Vice Regent candidates and 95 Major and Vice Major candidates. Meanwhile, at least from 15 provinces has noted just only single local head candidates in 28 region and cities. Meantime, 9 local head candidates had failed to compete in the next local eletion. They are come from Ngawi, Balikpapan, Kediri, Kebumen, Raja Ampat, Pematang Siantar, Semarang, Boyolali, and Kutai Kartanegara.
28 region and cities with single local head candidates are Ngawi and Kediri (East Java), Kebumen, Wonosobo, Sragen, Boyolali, Grobogan, and Semarang (Central Java), Bintan (Riau Islands provinces) Sungai Penuh (Jambi), Badung (Bali), Gowa and Soppeng (South Sulawesi), Manokwari Selatan and Raja Ampat (Papua), West Sumbawa (NTB), Pasaman (West Sumatera), Pematangsiantar, Serdang Bedagai, Gunungsitoli and Humbang Hasundutan (North Sumatera), Central Mamuju (West Sulawesi), Ogan Komering Ulu and Ogan Komering Ulu Selatan (South Sumatera Selatan), Balikpapan and Kutai Kertanegara (East Kalimantan) and Arfak Mountain (West Papua).
*) Both writer are columnist at several mass media.