The Papuan Must Support Continously Special Autonomy ||  By Erlangga Pratama and Otjih Sewandarijatun, Jakarta. Since 19 years ago, special autonomy has been implementing in Papua and West Papua provinces until today. Next years, its need a new regulation to continue and the central government has been finished the process of Papua’s special autonomy regulation revision even though several prominent figures and several mass and cultural organization in Papua and West Papua have rejected it and fortunely pushing and simultaneously conditioning efforts have been going in Papua to invite all of stakeholders in Papua to accept the continously special autonomy implementation in Papua and West Papua. So far, those efforts have made positive progress.

After 61 prominent figures who were come from Papua and West Papua met with President Joko Widodo last year, all of their demand will be supported by the central government.

Amids global and national economic uncertainty and Covid-19 pandemic effects, Indonesia’s government has planned to add the budget of special autonomy in Papua and West Papua from 2 percent to 2,25 percent from National General Allocation Budget (DAU Nasional) and the second period of special autonomy in Papua and West Papua will take 10 years again.

To make more effective and efficient special autonomy budget, the central government will build special agency to control and evaluate it, named as BNUTP (Badan Nasional Urusan Tanah Papua) and the central government accompanying with Papua and West Papua local government and local legislative including Papua People Assembly (MRP) will make grand design for the next special autonomy period. Grand design will focus on infrastructure, economic people, healthy, and education to leverage Papua’s Human Development Index.

Meantime, the process of Papua’s special autonomy regulation revision has stressed/focused on two articles. They are 34 and 76. Because of that home affair or internal affair ministry, finance ministry, human rights and law ministry including other ministry must build participative communication, collaboration, coordination and closely cooperation to finish it.

Because the new regulation has been needed as “law umbrella” for the continously special autonomy in Papua and West Papua. Hopefully. Both of writers are living in Cilangkap, East Jakarta.

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