The implementation of PSBB or large-scale social restrictions has not controlled well after national and local economic endurance are in the big questionsmark, because of that several residents in several cities and provinces are not obey to PSBB’s rule.
Indeed, we can not predict precisely when Covid 19 attacks will end, and previously WHO has warned that the pandemic of Covid 19 will be stayed along next years or to be endemic.
The consistency to implementing PSBB in a crossroads between seriously implementing PSBB vs the strategy to maintain national and local economic endurance because instability of social, political and economic condition can endanger Jokowi’s throne.
Meanwhile, we can predict the government cashflow in the biggest problems because it does not stability between revenue and cost. Cash charity program (BLT) and social charity (Bansos) are not guaranted well run if the government cashflow in deep seriously problems.
Pragmatic strategy must be done by the government because social riots and social brawl including social brute forces can happens if the prosperity of the people is decreasing and unemployment is increasing.
The relaxation of PSBB implementation can make the amount of positive Covid 19 patient will increase and it will happens, we can not imagine what the next nightmare will occur in Indonesia.
Covid 19 pandemic is a real challenge for our government to show their capability to overcome it. If they are fail to tackle the seriously problems, the people respect and obey to them will lost and it can create instability and uncertainty situations.
The writer is a columnist. Lives in Manado, North Sulawesi.

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