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Bribery case which was involved the General Elections Commission (KPK) commisioner Wahyu Setiawan inevitably dragging the name of Struggle Indonesia Democracy Party (PDIP) secretary general  Hasto Kristiyanto. Besides Hasto Kristiyanto, two special Hasto’s staff  at PDIP are DON and SAE had suspected during KPK’s bribery silent operation. SAE is  Saeful Bahri, Hasto’s special staff who had claimed as verdicts.  SAE and DON had allegedly as Harun Masiku’s mediator who were gave bribery to Wahyu Setiawan. Harun Masiku is PDIP’s politician and former GMKI activist in South Sulawesi.

So that, PDIP as one of the biggest and rulling political party should be given the positive attitude and habits to respect and loyal to national law enforcement process and supporting KPK to tackle those corruption case.  Previously,  House speaker,  PDIP main cadre and PDIP chairwomen son, Puan Maharani had said her political party would support KPK’s to overcome those political bribery. Now,  people are waiting PDIP’s political consistent to apply it,  because if PDIP vs KPK will happen, neither won nor got political advantages, PDIP will go as “political party ruins” in the heart and mind of Indonesian people.

Daeng Manye

According to the theory,  corruption can happen because there are discretion and monopoly, so that there is not supervise and warden practices. PDIP should support KPK’s effort and if KPK will frisk PDIP’s headquarters in Lenteng Agung,  South Jakarta does not reject because it look likes PDIP has challenged the law such as KPK’s law and it may have disturbed PDIP’s reputation. President Joko Widodo must be made political statement that state and the government stand behind KPK and always supporting them.

For PDIP,  supporting KPK’s efforts to solve this bribery case will be tested for these political party can still claim as “grassroots people political party” or to be untrusted political party which must not be supported by the voters in the next general elections and 2024 simultaneous local elections or Pilkada 2024. Supporting KPK’s effort will positively correlation with outcome which will get by PDIP on the next Pilkada 2020.

Meanwhile for  KPK should be all out to solve those bribery case,  in order to KPK which was built with their new regulation has always been supporting by the people of Indonesia and the corrupters are trully common enemy for Indonesia’s people and they are not have any rights to get clemency and must be punished through capital punishment or death sentences. Hopefully.

The writer is national politics observer.