Fighting Against Hoax and Hate-Speech

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By : Erlangga Pratama*,- Realizing and learning from the last concurrent local heads election in 2017 and 2018, everyone in Indonesia must be alert on circulating and spreading hoax, hate-speech, bigotry and negative contents including fake news on social media.

Based on every poll or public surveys results were previously launched, we could learn and watch out on those sensitive issues. Because the groups or person who were producted and spreaded hate speech and hoax, they have ill-will or bad intention either to their political rival or to all of national stakeholders. Because of that, we must declare and fighting against hoax, hate speech, bigotry, and negative campaign during the next general election. And we must support the National Police and Ministry of Communication and Informatica to take firmly legal approach and law enforcement process to whom were catched to make and circulate hate speech and hoax.

Why are we must fight against hoax and hate speech?

However, hoax, hate-speech, bigotry and black also negative campaign are the pathology of democracy. Those have always been happened if political communication did not run well.

Obviously, whoever are making and circulating hate speech and hoax aren’t a good citizens and a good campaigner. Nowadays, a good politician and a good campaigner are anyone can deliver a possitive political condution through giving educational political campaign materials.

Politically, whoever are spreading and producing hoax and hate speech are not smart tactics and strategic makers because hoax and hate speech have produced political decay.

Finally, hoax and hate speech are potentially make political uncertainty and raising a bigger binner opposition. Those could make our lovely country in dangerous situation, because hate speech and hoax are jeopardizing social and cultural relationship in Indonesia.

Both of two president candidates, Jokowi and Prabowo had made a clearly and firmly statement which they had not allowed their symphatizers to make and circulate hoax and hate speech. So, let’s make the next political event as a happily and safety event for us to boost and to spark our mature democracy spirit. Hopefully.

* The writer is a political and business consultant in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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